Company Profile


Residential / Retail / Commercial / Industrial Leasing Landlords & Tenants

ARC represents landlords in the marketing of their properties, provide up-to-date market conditions and rates, conduct viewings to suitable tenants, secure and negotiate offers and eventually aim to close deals for owners. In addition, we are responsible for all the necessary paperwork and problem solving throughout the tenancy.

We also represent tenants in property search and tenancy management for expatriates and multinational corporations. We aim to provide efficient communication via email shortlist even before tenant arrives in Yangon. During time efficient viewings, we try to understand tenant’s need and requirement, feed tenant with market conditions and rates as well as local everyday need-to-know information. Tenant can be assured that all paper works and all required help is handled by us throughout the tenancy.

Residential / Retail / Commercial / Industrial Sales Developers, Sellers & Buyers

ARC represents sellers and developers in the marketing of their properties. Our experience has allowed us to accumulate up-to-date real market conditions and rates, with actual past transactions within our database. This means that you will be empowered to reach the right desired markets with us and sell with confidence.

We also represent buyers and investors in property searches and purchases. We know Myanmar well, and that allows us accessibility to locations that are optimised within your search criteria. Your property purchase or investment with us is always secured, efficient and unparalleled. Even if you are not living in Yangon, you can invest with a peace of mind as we provide a one-stop real estate management service!

The ARC Leasing process

page2_2 At ARC, you can count on us for the best real estate services!

Why ARC?

  • We are an experience and well-trained real estate leasing team with over a decade of collective experience in the industry
  • We are well versed in English and Burmese, allowing us to conduct effective dealings with both the tenant and landlord.
  • A hassle free experience: We believe in making your leasing process simple and fast.
  • We know Myanmar well: With just one call we are able to quickly find matches your criteria.
  • Dealing with us means that we are able to negotiate for flexible lease term and flexible payment terms on your behalf.
  • We are your real estate concierge, helping you to negotiate for any other special requests you may have.
  • Promising accountability: We will always be there for you throughout your tenancy to give you a sense of security.


Project Consultancy and Marketing

Our ARC team assists developers in identifying target markets, recommending the right product mix and are skilled in advising on how to optimise conditions and project specifications to ensure that the project reaches the right buyer in the shortest time. We like to sell a product that we are sold to, hence selling with sincerity. We are also experienced in new project launches, running sales gallery or show flats, roadshows, exhibitions, seminars as well as cost efficient marketing strategies of new , old and revamped developments. With ARC as your marketing partner, you will never have to worry about not achieving optimal sales targets.

Property Investment & Management

Our team at ARC offers investors a proven track record and an innovative, pioneering approach to finding the right property investments with strategic management. We are Myanmar Yangon focus and have unrivalled experience of generating value for all our clients even in climates of tough economic conditions. We lead in smart real estate investment and our proven investment strategies target assets that deliver both income and growth. With a wide network of customer base in Yangon, we are more than capable in taking a hands-on approach to acquisitions and asset management.

Local/Foreign Joint Venture

If you are looking to enter the foray of international joint ventures to extend your business’ market reach while reducing risk, we have access to an extensive network of business contacts to help facilitate your search for an optimal partner. Expand your customer base domestically and internationally while leveraging on valuable resources such as technology, capital, and knowledge of new markets. Our strict search criteria ensures that you only partner with businesses that have good and clean proven track records.

International Property Investment and Consultancy

ARC’s strategic and seamless end-to-end approach delivered by our experienced team of international investment professionals and real estate helps you to untangles the many complexities and complications of property investment overseas. Working with us means that you make smart and informed investments. We have staff and partners based overseas that ensure that all information on our international markets are up-to-date, transparent and only come from the best sources. Invest in real estate internationally right from your own home with confidence!